The breeding team is selected on visual quality and family bloodlines upto a month before pairing up which usually between October and November. Both cock and hen are put in the breeding cage at the same time and the nest box is given to them straight away. I only touch the first egg to write number 1 on it and fertility is checked using a BW laser egg torch. When the chicks are old enough I like to handle them as much as possible to steady them for the future , a good quality youngster can be felt in your hand at about 3weeks old.

     When the 4 to 6 week old youngsters are taken away from their parents they are kept in the stock cage until the first moult and given millet sprays, tonic seed every day and given soft food 5 days a week as are all the breeders.

     I feed my birds my own seed blend of canary seed, mixed millet seeds, niger and groats. Bottled drinking water is given with nothing added.

     All that year breeding records are written into my breeding register then transferred onto the budgerigar programme on the computer. Although I have never had problems with fertility I believe that quality is far more important than quantity.

     The best advice I have ever been given is "If its not broke then don't fix it".   Thanks dad...


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