Humble Beginnings

     My name is Simon Roberts and live in Sudbury, Suffolk with my wife Leanne and my 3 beautiful children  Harvey, Millie and Brooke.

     As a boy I had little choice but to be involved with budgerigars as my father was a successful exhibitor and most weekends I would help with the cleaning and feeding. My interest became more serious when I was 12 years old when I decided to specialise in dominent pieds which I had to show under my father's status as champion. However I enjoyed great success including many firsts, 2nd Best Champion and 3 Challenge Certificates. Unfortunatetly my interest faded when I was 18 years old but my love for birds never left.    

     In 2002 I purchased a normal grey cock and a opaline cinnamon green hen from a local pet shop which bred me 9 chicks of good quality and that was it, I had the bug again.

     My first set up was very humble indeed with 8 breeding cages, 6ft x 3ft inside flight in a 8ft x 6ft rotten shed and a 6ft x 6ft outside flight. I only exhibited at one show that year which was Ipswich BS Championship Show and won Best Beginner YB (Young Bird) with an opaline light green cock and Best Beginner AA (Any Age) with a cobalt blue hen. There were no shows in 2003 due to the virus.

     In 2004 I enjoyed great success again at Ipswich BS Championship show winning Best Beginner Spangle AA, Lutino YB, Pied YB and Pied AA. At Southend BS Championship Show I achieved 4 firsts including Best Beginner Lutino YB.

     In 2005 I exhibited at 5 shows with success agaiin at Ipswich BS show winning 2nd and 5th Best Beginner YB and Best and 4th Best Beginner AA. At Southend BS show I achieved 2nd and 4th Best Beginner YB and Best, 2nd and 3rd Best Beginner AA but was really proud of my normal Greygreen cock which when only 5months old won 2nd Best Beginner YB and 3rd in CC line up at LEA BS Championship show.

     In 2006 I moved from Essex to Leicestershire where I met my beautiful wife Leanne. I took the decision to stay a Beginner for an extra year as the competition would be much greater at the bigger shows so this would be a learning year before I went up to Novice. However my birds surprised me and gained success agian at Ipswich BS winning Best Beginner Spangle AA, 2nd Best and Best Beginner AA with an Opaline Greygreen cock. At Leicestershire BS I won 5 firsts, Midland BS championship show 6 firsts and 2nd Best Beginner YB with a normal grey hen which was 3rd in CC line up at only 5months old and finally at South Midlands BS Open Championship show I won 6 firsts and Best Beginner AA with a Gregreen cock which was 3rd in CC line up just behind the Fagan Greygreen.

     My show team is always between 8 and 12  which are put into stock cages ten weeks before the first show. The birds are sprayed with plume spray mixed in warm water for 4 weeks then for the last  2 weeks they are sprayed with cold water, the mask is trimmed with tweezers 3 days before the show and the birds are taken the show hall the night before.



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